You can do almost anything in Alternative Venues


Alternative Venues are managed by the thirteen regional Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Associations (RFCAs). Collectively we look after the interests of Reservists and Cadets throughout the United Kingdom and are non-profit making organisations – the income we derive from letting Reserve Forces locations is re-invested into the Reserve and Cadet Estates.


There are over 400 Reserve Forces locations and thousands of Cadet units throughout the UK which means that, by and large, wherever you are, there will be a venue not far away.


The uses to which our venues can be put are many and varied – here are just some of the more popular:


  • Conferences, meetings and lectures

  • Wedding receptions, cocktail parties, luncheons and dinners

  • Training and sports

  • Local meetings and playgroups

  • Demonstrations

  • Film Locations and rehearsals


We also enter into long term letting arrangements. Examples include the provision of land for Mobile Telecommunications masts, directional signage, advertising hoardings, long term secure parking and many more. Ask your local RFCA for more details.


Whatever your need, we will have a venue to suit and at a price you'll find hard to beat.

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